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Britney Spears Electrified: Top 5 EDM Hits

Britney Spears and her personal stable of pop music creators were one of the first camps in mainstream music to introduce electro-pop tones and dub-step breakdowns to the American dance floor. Testing the waters with the dance-pop sound of her fourth studio album In The Zone, followed by harder-hitting Blackout, Britney’s sound gradually progressed into the electro-techno-trance sound of Femme Fatale; and by that point “EDM” was officially a term for this new sound in America. So, as we impatiently await for her next set of bedlam dance-pop rebellion, here are the best of her EDM hits, courtesy of some very superlative DJs and producers in clubland. Britney, you’ve been electrified. 

 1. “Piece of Me” (Tiësto Club Mix) 
The infamous EDM DJ/producer Tiësto tones down the undeniably vindictive track and gives “Piece of Me” a somber outlook with his signature techno-trance ingredients. This was an unexpected remix from one of the biggest names in the industry that turned out to be a match made in heaven.

 2. “Till the World Ends (How to Destroy A Pop Star) (Bloody Beetroots Remix)” 
Aptly titled “How to Destroy A Pop Star,” the raucous dance-punk superstar Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (aka The Bloody Beetroots) galvanized the previously fanciful “Till The World Ends” with pulsating synth-driven beats and impelling classical music nuances, not to mention the creepy laugh at the end.

 3. “Womanizer (The Teenagers Remix)” 
The ultimate anthem for all the playa haters out there clashes head on with Parisian naughty boys The Teenager’s electro flair resulting in an indie rock mix that almost sneers at every “Womanizer.”

 4. “Me Against the Music (Justice Remix)” 
A secretive dream come true for on the down-low EDM fans of Britney Spears, Justice brought their classic Euro-house adjoined with heavy-metal big beat tendencies and drizzled it all over “Me Against The Music”, a cut that just screams rockstar status. Wickedly audacious with aggressive disco inclinations, Justice wholly invigorated this formerly round-about R&B flavored competitive dance-off.

 5. “3” (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)” 
This is Moulin Rouge meets your locally, wondrous grungy house party. Oooh, baby. Wolfgang Gartner had a field day with Spears’ suggestive “3” with his hip-hop/house climaxes and this remix wouldn’t be without a counterclockwise deep house rupture.


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