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Britney Spears Feat. Ace Of Base - All That She Wants (Demo)

Ace of Base Founder on Britney Spears' Unreleased 'All That She Wants' Cover: 'It Was Very Strong'

Speaking with ABC News, the band's Ulf Ekberg recently explained the story behind the track. "They wanted to release it, but that was a difficult time for her," Ekberg said. "It was only in Denmark, never finished and didn't end up on her album. It was cool though. She took the choruses, took away the verses and wrote new ones about her mom. It was very strong." ~ Billboard
There are two Britney versions of the song: the original mix with only Britney's vocals and the original song instrumental and a remix version with vocals from the vocalist of Ace of Base and Britney with a different instrumental. Originally written by Jonas Berggren, Ulf Ekberg and Britney Spears (Verses of the poem "Remembrance of Who I Am")

Britney Spears - All That She Wants (Original Demo)

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